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Data Finder Products - Accessible Intelligence

Access to a variety of analytics and research based products that are data driven to give the best insights into the real estate market

Transaction Data

As the authority in the market, our strong partnerships with government alongside our proprietary and partner data allows us to create the most comprehensive offering in the market

  • Government Data – complete data sets that allow us to fill in the blanks 

  • Proprietary Data – With millions of searches per month, Property Finder hosts the largest data on every data point from property listings and search data 

  • Partner Data – New layers of intelligence and data visualization from the biggest players from the food and beverage industry to banking


As the largest digital platform, Property Finder has the largest proprietary data set. Coupled with transaction data from government and the private sector, these indices provide the most complete picture on where the market has been and where it currently stands

The indices are comprised of both:

Sales – Asking and transaction sales price data for both apartments and villas/townhouses

Rental – Asking and transaction rental price data for both apartments and villas/townhouses

Market Demand

As the largest portal in the region, Property Finder has the largest search data available for you to analyze consumer and market trends to aid in your business strategies

Search Trends – See where the market is moving and what consumers are searching for

Popular Communities – See the market trends and which areas are in demand

Amenities – In-depth analysis of exactly what consumers are searching for


Access to the various data sets via APIs to power your website and to engage clients with rich content



Pricing Data

Project and Supply Data


Data Finder’s research and data team is at the forefront of regional market trends, paired with all available data sets, all of this is converted into consumable research reports for a variety of industries 

Property Reports  – Real estate based statistics and analyses on certain communities

Market Reports – Extensive research works from a macro perspective, based on an in-depth study of a variety of factors such as economic trends, the political environment and socio-economic trends in order to aid in your strategic business goals 

Bespoke – Customized studies utilizing rich and diverse data sets with in-depth expert analyses on what your business needs